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    The Samburu Duffel Bag

    Our polished and rugged duffle bags will be perfect to take on any safari (Swahili word for trip or journey) from a short weekend getaway to a business trip, or even a safari to visit Africa! Made from our quality leather and durable ripstop and lined with Kenya's iconic Maasai Shuka (Swahili for blanket) this bag will accompany you on many adventures!


    Samburu is the name of both a Kenyan tribe and a National Reserve located in the North Central region of Kenya. The Samburu Tribe are traditionally semi-nomadic people who herd cattle, goats, sheep, and camels. Samburu National Reserve is home to a diverse mix of wildlife including all three of Africa's big cats (the lion, the cheetah, and the African Leopard) as well as over 350 different species of birds. 


    Quality Materials

    Our gear is made with the finest materials sourced in East Africa! Our leather is high quality, full-grain oil pull up leather; meant to last a lifetime and to age beautifully. It is natural for it to show the marks of age and character from its use - showing the world your love and trust of our products. Our Hides are hand picked to ensure the highest quality and color possible, but normal wear and tear is also to be expected.
    All of our leathers and Natural hides are hand picked and each of our bags assembled by hand by our amazing team, due to the nature of this there may be slight variations in each piece making your gear truly unique!


    Something doesn’t fit or just isn’t right? Hamna Shida! No worries! We will replace it, and cover the shipping!


    Zero Shipping costs for all orders over $200. Zilch. Sufuri. Nada.


    We don’t guarantee you will be satisfied. We guarantee you will LOVE the product.


    You won’t just love the product, you will love knowing that you have made a specific and eternal impact in Nairobi and beyond.